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"Get your Boards in the Air"
These CrowdControl BoardSports Racks are the cleanest of Contemporary Wall Displays. Handmade of brushed High Grade Aluminum plate approx 1/8 thick with an extremely durable translucent dye applied to accentuate the textures beneath. These CC Racks look awesome with or without a board, especially under a direct light source like track lighting.The textures seem to move in the...read more >

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Let’s face it, everyone thinks they surf better than they really do. But if you rip and know it, then here is your board. Board sizes range from 5’6” to 6’6”. The Square, Squash, and Pin Tails are highly recommended. My Prostyle/Performer boards are developed to dominate all surf conditions. This combo concave and rail design planes out quickly in mush and carves in heavy pitching...read more >

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"Get your Board Fixed"
Professional Repair of Dings, Cracks, Buckles, Delamination, Broken Fins & Fin Boxes, Snapped Boards, & Broken Leash Plugs
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Crowd Control Surf Co. offers a variety of sponsorships. Check out who's representing Crowd Control products around the world.
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As a young punk growing up in Juno Beach, Fl. back in the 70’s, I Skated, Biked, and Surfed nearly every day. My BMX skills won me trophy’s and got me to semi-pro level at a young age, the skate scene that I participated in was super aggressive and made a mark in that sport as well. The heat always kept me in the salt water though. I must have surfed every board...read more >
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Here you'll find a variety of images of our Boardsports Racks, Surfboards, Apparel, and Crowd Control visiting local surf spots and
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